Area Code 317 Information

Area Code 317
Population 95317
Type of Code: General Purpose Code
Geographic(G) or non-geographic(N): G
Is this code assigned: Yes
Is this code in use: Y
In service date: 1947-01-01
Planning Letter(s):
Time Zone:
Parent NPA:

Nestled within the mysterious Central Indiana region, the puzzling area code 317 wraps itself around the Indianapolis metropolitan area, as well as the neighboring counties of Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Morgan, and Shelby. Once covering a larger domain, it was divided in 1997 to create area code 765. Interestingly, the 317 zones are further split into ZIP codes ranging from 46002 to 46298.

Population and Demographics

A diverse and growing population permeates the area enclosed by 317. Based on the United States Census Bureau, the 2010 population estimated for the Indianapolis metropolitan area was a significant 1.95 million. With the continuing expansion, 2020 estimates have pushed the count to surpass 2.1 million people, making it the nation's 34th most populous metropolitan area. Demographics amalgamate urban, suburban, and rural communities with various cultural backgrounds. Residents praise the location's high quality of life, strong economy, and affordability.

Notable Cities and Towns

Area code 317 encompasses an array of significant cities and towns, some of which include:

1. Indianapolis: As the distinguished capital of Indiana, this city is the most significant and prominent within the area, boasting a population exceeding 887,000. It is known for its lively downtown district and eclectic attractions such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Indiana State Museum.

2. Carmel: This distinguished city within Hamilton County is praised for its quaint, village-like atmosphere and excellent schools. Consistently ranking among the pinnacle of US living locations, it is highly coveted by families seeking an idyllic home.

3. Fishers: An emerging community in Hamilton County, Fishers received Money Magazine's "Best Place to Live in America" accolade in 2017. It offers a robust infrastructure, minimal crime, and a wealth of growth potential for residents.

4. Greenwood: Situated in Johnson County, this populous city is teeming with businesses and attractions, such as the Greenwood Park Mall and the Valle Vista Golf Course.

5. Zionsville: Enclosed by a rural, small-town environment and a picturesque Main Street, Zionsville in Boone County is cherished for its exemplary schools, upscale neighborhoods, and an abundance of parks and nature preserves.

Events and Attractions

Area code 317 is a fascinating destination, hosting various popular events and attractions. The legendary Indianapolis 500 event draws legions of visitors annually. Other notable gatherings include the Indy Pride Festival, Indiana State Fair, and Carmelfest. Year-round attractions such as the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail cater to diverse tastes and age groups.


A thriving economy permeates area code 317, fueled by the healthcare, finance, technology, and education sectors. Esteemed organizations such as Eli Lilly and Company, Anthem Inc., Indiana University, and Cummins Inc. provide abundant job opportunities. Small businesses are also a crucial component of the area's economic backbone.

Brimming with rich history, a flourishing economy, and numerous attractions, area code 317 offers a unique and vibrant experience for inhabitants and tourists alike. The friendly communities and hospitable atmosphere make it a splendid environment for living, working, and reveling.

Area Code Zipcodes

Zipcode City State
46030 ARCADIA Indiana
46032 CARMEL Indiana
46033 CARMEL Indiana
46034 CICERO Indiana
46034 WESTFIELD Indiana
46037 FISHERS Indiana
46038 FISHERS Indiana
46040 FISHERS Indiana
46040 FORTVILLE Indiana
46048 INGALLS Indiana
46055 FISHERS Indiana
46055 MCCORDSVILLE Indiana
46055 WOODBURY Indiana
46060 NOBLESVILLE Indiana
46060 STRAWTOWN Indiana
46061 NOBLESVILLE Indiana
46062 NOBLESVILLE Indiana
46062 WESTFIELD Indiana
46069 SHERIDAN Indiana
46074 CARMEL Indiana
46074 WESTFIELD Indiana
46075 WHITESTOWN Indiana
46077 ZIONSVILLE Indiana
46082 CARMEL Indiana
46085 FISHERS Indiana
46106 BARGERSVILLE Indiana
46106 PROVIDENCE Indiana
46107 BEECH GROVE Indiana
46110 BOGGSTOWN Indiana
46111 BROOKLYN Indiana
46112 BROWNSBURG Indiana
46113 CAMBY Indiana
46115 CARTHAGE Indiana
46118 BELLEVILLE Indiana
46118 CLAYTON Indiana
46122 DANVILLE Indiana
46123 AVON Indiana
46124 ATTERBURY Indiana
46124 CAMP ATTERBRY Indiana
46124 CAMP ATTERBURY Indiana
46124 CAMP ATTRBRY Indiana
46124 EDINBURGH Indiana
46125 EMINENCE Indiana
46126 FAIRLAND Indiana
46129 CARROLLTON Indiana
46129 FINLY Indiana
46131 AMITY Indiana
46131 BENGAL Indiana
46131 FRANKLIN Indiana
46131 HOPEWELL Indiana
46131 URMEYVILLE Indiana
46140 EDEN Indiana
46140 GEM Indiana
46140 GREENFIELD Indiana
46140 SPRING LAKE Indiana
46142 GREENWOOD Indiana
46143 GREENWD Indiana
46143 GREENWOOD Indiana
46143 GRNWOOD Indiana
46148 KNIGHTSTOWN Indiana
46148 OGDEN Indiana
46148 RAYSVILLE Indiana
46149 LIZTON Indiana
46154 MAXWELL Indiana
46157 MONROVIA Indiana
46158 MOORESVILLE Indiana
46162 NEEDHAM Indiana
46163 BROOKVILLE HTS Indiana
46163 NEW PALESTINE Indiana
46164 NINEVEH Indiana
46164 PRINCES LAKES Indiana
46165 NORTH SALEM Indiana
46167 PITTSBORO Indiana
46168 CARTERSBURG Indiana
46168 PLAINFIELD Indiana
46176 SHELBYVILLE Indiana
46181 PEOGA Indiana
46181 SAMARIA Indiana
46181 SPEARSVILLE Indiana
46181 TRAFALGAR Indiana
46183 WEST NEWTON Indiana
46184 NEW WHITELAND Indiana
46184 WHITELAND Indiana
46201 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46202 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46203 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46204 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46205 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46205 UPTOWN Indiana
46206 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46207 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46208 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46208 ROCKY RIPPLE Indiana
46209 BUS REPLY Indiana
46209 BUSINESS REPLY Indiana
46209 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46213 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46213 WW GRAINGER INC Indiana
46214 EAGLE CREEK Indiana
46214 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46216 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46217 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46217 SOUTHPORT Indiana
46218 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46219 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46219 IRVINGTON Indiana
46219 WARREN PARK Indiana
46220 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46221 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46222 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46224 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46224 SPDWAY Indiana
46224 SPDWY Indiana
46224 SPEEDWAY Indiana
46225 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46226 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46226 LAWRENCE Indiana
46227 HOMECROFT Indiana
46227 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46227 SOUTHPORT Indiana
46228 CROWS NEST Indiana
46228 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46228 N CROWS NEST Indiana
46228 NORTH CROWS NEST Indiana
46228 SPRING HILLS Indiana
46228 WYNNEDALE Indiana
46229 CUMBERLAND Indiana
46229 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46230 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46231 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46234 CLERMONT Indiana
46234 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46235 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46235 OAKLANDON Indiana
46236 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46236 OAKLANDON Indiana
46237 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46237 SOUTHPORT Indiana
46239 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46239 WANAMAKER Indiana
46240 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46240 NORA Indiana
46240 WILLIAMS CREEK Indiana
46240 WILLIAMS CRK Indiana
46241 DREXEL GARDENS Indiana
46241 DREXEL GDNS Indiana
46241 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46241 MARS HILL Indiana
46241 MAYWOOD Indiana
46242 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46244 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46247 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46247 SOUTHPORT Indiana
46249 ARMY FINANCE CTR Indiana
46249 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46250 CASTLETON Indiana
46250 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46251 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46253 EAGLE CREEK Indiana
46253 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46254 EAGLE CREEK Indiana
46254 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46255 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46255 MERCHANTS BANK Indiana
46255 PNC BANK Indiana
46256 CASTLETON Indiana
46256 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46259 ACTON Indiana
46259 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46260 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46260 MERIDIAN HILLS Indiana
46260 MERIDIAN HLS Indiana
46260 NORA Indiana
46262 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46268 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46268 NEW AUGUSTA Indiana
46277 CHASE BANK Indiana
46277 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46278 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46278 NEW AUGUSTA Indiana
46278 TRADERS POINT Indiana
46280 CARMEL Indiana
46280 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46280 NORA Indiana
46282 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46283 BRYLANE Indiana
46283 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46285 ELI LILLY CO Indiana
46285 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46288 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46288 SHARED ZIP CODE Indiana
46290 CARMEL Indiana
46290 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
46290 NORA Indiana
46298 INDIANAPOLIS Indiana
47234 FLAT ROCK Indiana


Where is area code 317?

The Area code 317 is located in Indiana and includes the following cities:
  • Carmel
  • Fishers
  • Greenwood
  • Indianapolis
  • Lawrence
  • Noblesville